USA Pastors

Assembly of God Bethlehem Ministry

  • Ademostemir Cardoso
  • Ailton Silva
  • Air Astenreiter
  • Alexandre Andrade
  • Anselmo Carolino
  • Cassio Raffa
  • Davi Araújo
  • David Moreno
  • Deijalma Lira
  • Eduardo Fernandes
  • Eliceo Galleguillos
  • Emerson Santos
  • Ezequiel Rocha
  • Francisco Araújo
  • Gilson Viana
  • Haziel Omar Ortega Esteves
  • Hugo Portal
  • Jabes-Gileade Fontoura
  • Jesus Omar Ortega Hernandez
  • Joel Silva
  • José Carlos de Oliveira
  • José Fernando Bernardes Fontes
  • José Rogério Nacimento
  • Levi Freitas
  • Marcos Ribeiro
  • Paulo Inácio de Souza
  • Ronel Morales
  • Sandro David Machado

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Important for rural people with lower purchasing power, in s...

Poultry Farming

A bunch of chickens is much more than a few chickens, a roos...

Swine Industry

In recent years, swine farming has been gaining even more im...

Pastor Joel Costa

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This is the motivation for the volunteers of the Great Commission.

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