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Your gift to our Global Needs allows us to meet the needs of where they are greatest. Because of their generosity, we are able to fight poverty, disease and respond to disasters quickly - anywhere in the world. Your donation helps people live healthier, safer, more productive lives. All of our programs and focus areas are working to achieve one or more of the Goals, including combating extreme poverty and hunger, promoting empowerment of women and combating preventable diseases.

Donate today to our Malaria Fund and join us to save lives. Our Malaria Fund helps fight disease through NetsforLife ® - a program that empowers communities in sub-Saharan Africa by providing prevention training and long-term insecticide-treated nets. Only one ($ 12) net life-saving can protect three people from contracting malaria.

Donations to our Health Fund is to help people live healthier, more productive lives. Your gift to our Health Fund saves lives by promoting quality health care and combating preventable diseases that kill millions of people each year. Our programs of help are to prevent common diseases through care and immunizations, educate communities about proper nutrition and provide access to affordable health services. With your support, we can partner with local churches, community health workers and clinics to combat HIV / AIDS and malaria, through prevention education, patient care and support for orphaned children and extended families.

Support our Child Survival Fund and give children a chance for a better future. About 29,000 children under five die each day - that is 21 children every minute. Your contribution to our Child Survival Fund helps protect children by training local community health workers in neonatal and child care, improving basic health services, and educating families and communities on how to protect young people from preventable diseases Such as malaria and HIV.

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This is the motivation for the volunteers of the Great Commission.

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