Poultry farming!!

A bunch of chickens is much more than a few chickens, a rooster and a daily supply of fresh eggs. Your gift will help families have community groups to raise poultry and sell surplus stock and eggs on the market. Key advantages are the need for a small area for farm implantation, and can be used on weak and devalued lands. It can also be deployed in areas where mechanized agriculture is impractical due to topography. Poultry has great ability to convert grains into other products such as meat and eggs, which are of great importance for human consumption contributing to the alleviation of food shortage through its products. The production cycle is fast, giving a good return in a relatively short period.

Pastor Joel Costa

Love for souls

Imagine being received in heaven by hundreds, even thousands, of people who have been deeply impacted by your work!
This is the motivation for the volunteers of the Great Commission.

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